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Our support network consists of experts who are dedicated to help you with any problem you may have.


i-WELD warranty is up to 12 months, we cover every product we listed.

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We take pride in our welding equipment. Therefore we offer a worldwide warranty system which will help our customers to feel at ease everywhere in the world. We at i-WELD also want to emphasize the safety issues related to welding. Equipment that works and welders who follow the safety rules are the key factors in the successful welding process.

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What's covered by the i-WELD Warranty?

Warranty covers every piece of i-WELD welding equipment, every filler metal, every gas apparatus, and every plasma machine – every product that i-WELD sells in Malaysia.

Warranty is one more reason to choose us

i-WELD already offers you the competitive prices you expect; the durable, high-quality equipment you need; and the tech support you rely on. The new i-WELD Warranty, the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee gives you extra purchase protection not available from other manufacturers - and provides one more smart reason to buy i-WELD products.