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1. Welder Friendly controls
2. Generator Friendly (Low KVA Requirement)
3. High Frequency (H.F) Start/ Lift Start/ MMA Selector Switch for mode selection
4. H.F Auto Cut Off for protection against accidental triggering
5. MCB for fault protection & fuse for control circuit protection
6. Gas pre/post flow time adjustment (for gas purging and cooling)
7. Ease of maintenance
8. Digital Display for easy setting of the current
9. 2S/4S/ Fast Track Selector Switch for Trigger Hold and Quick Tacking
10. Current limit, Under Voltage and Overload Protection
11. Current Up/ Down Slope adjustment (for soft start and crater filling)
12. Tungsten tip saving circuit (in LIFT mode, when the tungsten is shorted to work, only 10A current flows)

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1. Tool / Die repair
2. Vassel / Tank / Boiler Fabrication
3. Train
4. Maintenance
5. Fabrication

Specifications (AC/DC TIG)

Model: GTAW 315P AC/DC

Power Voltage (V): Three Phase AC415V+15%
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Rated input current (A): 15
Output current adjustment (A): 10 – 315
No Load Voltage (V): 70
Rated output voltage (V): 22.6
Duty cycle (%)@ 40°c: 60
Power factor: 0.93
Pulse frequency (low) Hz: 0.5-15
Pulse frequency (Middle) Hz: 15-450
Up slope time (S): 0-10
Down slope time (S): 0-10
Base current (A): 10-315
Start current (A): 10-315
Crater current (A): 10-315
Post flow time (S): 1-10
Duty ratio (%): 40-80
Pulse duty ratio (%): 10-90
Housing protection grade: IP21
Weight (kg): 39
Dimension (mm): 616x326x620


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Gas Tungsten Arc Welding


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