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i-WELD Digi Spot 3



3 Digital control functions

  • Manual mode: Washer welding / Carbon heating
  • Auto mode: Quick dent pulling / (Touch & Weld Automatically)
  • Pulse mode: Ironing / Surface smoothing

3000A Up

  • Small size big power
  • Convenient to work inside / on top of the car

Protection upgraded

  • Strengthen anti-interference EMI
  • Transformer overheat protection
  • Auto mode short protection

Breathing light

  • Technology comes from innovation

Operating Functions

  • Washer Welding
  • Quick & Dent Pulling (Touch & Weld Automatically)
  • Carbon Heating
  • Ironing / Surface Smoothing

Technical Data

Code: 1118C-A-02
Model: DIGI SPOT 3
Voltage: 240V
Phase: 1PH
Power: 12KVA
Power adjustment: Digital-adj
Max welding current: 3000A
Duty cycle: 3000A 5%
Weight: 22kg
Dimension (mm): 346 x 220 x 280

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