I-WELD brand SMAW welding power sources are of the heavy-duty type, designed with MOSFET and IGBT based inverter technology for the excellent electrical and welding performance. High quality and proven semiconductor components are used for reliability and performance. This machine renders excellent performance for stick welding with various types of electrodes and also for scratch-start TIG application. I-WELD stringent requirements where quality is of paramount importance. The power is highly energy efficient.

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(SMAW 170IV)


1. Auto-Compensation-Function as to the power supply fluctuation, strong adaptability of anti-power-supply fluctuation and stable welding current.
2. Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Over Hear Auto-Protection Function
3. Excellent arc Force Compensation Function
4. Reliable, light and small with High-Efficiency & high Energy savings.
5. Adaptable to the welding application in different kinds of acid or basic electrodes.
6. Adaptable to the welding application on different kind of low carbon steels, medium carbon steels and alloy-steels.


1. Construction & Assembly Sites
2. Light Industry Iron & Steels Processing Factories
3. Home & Furniture Application
4. Equipment Assemble & Repairs
5. General Application

Specifications (IGBT)

Parameters SMAW 170IV
Input Voltage (V) : 240V + 15%
Frequency (HZ) : 50/60
Rated Input Current (A) : 44.5
No-Load Voltage (V) : 66
Output Current Range (A) : 10 – 220
Rated Output Voltage (V) : 29
Duty Cycle (%) @ 40°c : 60
Power Factor : 0.83
Housing Protection Grade : IP21
Net Weight (kg) : 8
Dimension (mm) : 400 x 153 x 291

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Shielded Metal Arc Wellding


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