i-WELD PS160I Plasma Cutter

i-WELD PS Inverter Power Source is heavy-duty type designed with mosfet and IGBT based inverter technology for the excellent performance. High quality & proven semiconductor are used for reliability and performance. I-weld offers a complete range of Plasma cutter/ plasma cutting machine showing top quality cut from 0.5mm to 55mm. i-WELD power source is designed to work under the hard harshest environments & to meet stringent requirements where quality is of paramount importance.


PS160I Plasma Cutting Machine


1. Pilat is the striking system for easy starting.
2. Indicator light for thermal overload protection.
3. Post-Flow cooling.
4. Air regulator with pressure adjustment.
5. Easy carry handle.


1. Cuts all electrical conductive materials
2. Easy to use professional result at the 1st trial
3. Faster than other cutting methods
4. More precise
5. Smaller heat affected zone


Model: i-WELD PS160I

Power voltage(V) : Three phase AC380V±15%
Frequency (Hz) : 50/60
Rated Input Capacity (KVA) : 32.2
Rated input current(A) : 44
No-load voltage(V) : 315
Output current regulation(A) : 20-160
Rated output voltage(V) :144
Duty cycle (%) : 60
No-load loss (W) : 80
Efficiency(%) : 85
Power factor : 0.93
Insulation grade : F
Housing protection grade : IP21
ARC starting manner : No contact
Pressure of air compressor (kg) : 4-6
Thickness(mm) : 0.1-55
Weight (kg) : 80
Dimensions (mm) : W650*L120*H1450
What’s in the box?

1. i-WELD Plasma Cutter PS 160I  x 1
2. Earth Cable with Electrode Holder (100% Copper Cable) x 1
3. Plasma Torch x 1
4. Reinforced Gas Hose x 1

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