Use powerful IGBT switches and advanced inverter control technology.
Use digital and PWM control technology. The products belong to a high technology inverter welding machine.
DC MIG/MAG, MMA welding process methods can be selected.
Welding wire diameters (0.8, 1.0mm) can be selected.
Excellent arc characteristics, good welding performance and little spatter.
High weld quality, deep bath and strength. Lower heat input, small deformation after welding. Minimizing, lightness, it can be moved easily, and energy savings up to 30%.
With auto protection functions of over current and over-heat.
The welding material of the thin, medium and heavy plate can be welded.
Be able to weld all kinds of metal, for example, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, etc.

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Model: i-WELD GMAW200DI


1. Construction & Assembly Sites
2. Light Industry Iron & Steels Processing Factories
3. Home & Furniture Application
4. Equipment Assemble & Repairs
5. General Application

Product Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Input Voltage (V) : One phase 240V + 15%
Frequency (HZ) : 50/60
Rated input current(A) : 26.5
Output current(A) : 30-200
Rated output voltage(V) : 16.5-26.5
Rated Duty Cycle (%) : 60
Power factor :  0.73
Efficiency(%) : ≥80
Wire feed speed(m/ min) :3-15
Post flow time(S) : 1.0±0.5
Wire diameter(mm) : 0.8/1.0
Insulation grade : F
Housing protection grade : IP21S
Applicable thickness(mm) : over 1.0
Weight (kg) : 23.9
Dimensions (mm) : W620*L360*H450
What’s In The Box?

1. i-WELD Welding Machine GMAW 200DI x 1 UNIT
2. MB15 Mig Torch x 1 SET
3. Earth Cable with Earth Clamp (100% Copper Cable) x 1 SET
4. Reinforced Gas Hose x 1 LGTH


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